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Bond Vs Service Agreement

Bond Vs Service Agreement

Under the section 27 mandate, any agreement directly or indirectly requiring the worker to serve the employer or a restriction on membership in a competitor or other employer is not valid under Indian law, the worker has the right to resign even if he has agreed to serve the employer for a certain period of time in the employment obligation. [1] In my previous answer… I refer indirectly to that. If you violate the terms of the loan…. You can challenge the merits, because they take any action against you on the basis of the loan… In my circle of friends… I came across this problem…. 1. A… We solve the problem by solving HR…

And another topic…. management sought a remedy against my friend (collaborator…) from a different angle, although there is a link between my friend and the management of dementia…. If a job loan is breached, the employer may be entitled to compensation. The award should be appropriate to compensate for the loss and should not exceed the penalty if the contract provides for it. The court calculates the appropriate amount of compensation by calculating the actual harm suffered by the employer taking into account all the facts and circumstances of the case. Even if the loan provides for the payment of a penalty in the event of an infringement, it does not mean that the employer is entitled to the full amount; the courts determine the reasonable amount of compensation to be paid. The question arises whether employers have the right to apply for the reinstatement of their employee or to obtain an injunction against the employee, to join a competitor or another employer? In dealing with a similar situation, the Supreme Court has held that special benefit action cannot be sought for breach of service contract or personal commitment[3] and, therefore, the employer is not entitled to reinstate its employees as relief in the event of debt breach. We have observed the trend that courts are not prepared to issue an injunction against workers who limit their employment with another employer, unless necessary to protect the employer`s property interests or trade secrets. I don`t think so…

Company challenged its own employee on the basis of the loan, because the person should not serve the mandate, which is mentioned … Company has filed a lawsuit against the employee on various issues… I like it… The employees did not meet the notice period… or not to hand the work over to the higher authority…. Dear Sir, please help, My company made the loan of 4 years, during which they said, when I leave the company 4 years ago, I have to pay 1.5 Lakh Rupees, they have already been signed check check. I worked in the company for 2 years and 3 months, during which they did incrementally only once, did not even give a train to me (by which they spent money for my training) Now, if I go away without notice, they say they will deposit this check of 1.5 lakh. Please help me. A service contract is different from a loan.

A service contract binds both parties to the agreement, while the loan is one-sided and binds the employee only to the agreement.

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