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Apepdcl Lt Agreement

Apepdcl Lt Agreement

New customers must sign the revised agreement and the audit report. Proof of the transfer of ownership. Apply to the nearest customer service centre (CSC) for LT services. service and development fees to be paid in accordance with the rules. Representation in the nearest customer service centre (SCC). Waste of current consumer costs that need to be paid if necessary. Request to the Nearest Customer Services Centre (CSC) – Revised contract and audit report to be signed. Additional development costs, if any, payable in accordance with the rules. Differences in invoices – In the case of LT services, with the read available and the latest payment details to report to the section agent in this area. In the case of HT services reported to the district`s senior accounts manager and the divisional engineers involved. c) When the consumer is required to pay an “additional deposit,” the licensee provides the consumer with 30 days` notice of how much to pay with the support calculations.

. Requests for payment of application fees and online service charges must also be paid in accord with the rules. (a) Is the consumer assisted in the context of his application.b) records the request that correctly fills the data in accordance with the request.c) sends the request to the department with meters) In the case of estimates, the request is sent to the business manager for the continuation of the procedure.e) In case of refusal, the consumer is associated with reasons of refusal. The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) has accepted Discoms` request to have electricity bills issued provisionally in April, as is the case in March (for consumption in February) for all low voltage (LT) consumers. Service conenction charges must be recovered in Schedule of General and Service Connection Charges from all potential and existing consumers who require an extension charge. The timing of the main service interconnection charges is indicated below:- a) with respect to the electricity supplied to that person; and/or supply system Ticks A.C.50 CyclesS supply of three phases at 415 voltsSe procurement at 240 voltsServicesdomestic: category LT-IFsFal and commercial services: LT-II Industrial Services category: LT-III CategoryCottage Industries, Street Lighting, General Purpose – PWS Services: LT-IV CategoryAgrural, Aqua – Fisheries: LT-V Category a) Field officers will inspect the premises and vacate the service, if the wiring is ready and the details are counted in accordance with the application.b) It will prepare the triple copy test reports and receive the consumer`s signature as proof of the release of the servicec) If the wiring is not ready, the staff will refuse the numerator at the call centre on the grounds that the wiring is not completed.d) All of these cases must be reported. CEIG by the divisional engineer who duly recommends the removal of the licensee who issued the year-end certificate.e) In the desired cases, the consumer must call within 30 days the wiring is completed and the meter is reissued from the call centre.

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