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Alberta Forest Management Agreement Map

Alberta Forest Management Agreement Map

Agreement: West Fraser Mills Ltd. and Tolko Industries Ltd. The forest management agreement in the FMA area is integrated with many other uses and users of landscape and resources. These include Aboriginal people, the energy and transportation sectors, hunting, fishing, traps and recreation. The FMA zone is located in the boreal mixed forest, which contains hardwood trees (leaves and hardwoods) and conifers (cones, “softwoods”). Al-Pac mainly uses deciduous trees: trembling aspen and balm lattice. Agreement: Tolko Industries Ltd., Vanderwell Contractors (1971) Ltd. and West Fraser Mills Ltd. Forest Management Convention Contract holders have significant responsibility for forest management planning, in line with the Alberta government`s commitment to sustainable resource development. In addition, holders of forest management agreements should be the occasion for public consultation when developing a forest management plan for the territory. The vast majority of Canada`s forests – 94% – are public and are subject to strict land use rules, which aim to preserve forest resources with multiple values for the benefit of current and future generations. Like most Canadian forestry companies, Millar Western derives most of its fibre, about 90%, from this land.

Approximately 2 million hectares of the FMA`s area are considered a productive forest capable of harvesting, while about 4.8 million hectares are made up of wetlands (peatlands, peatlands and musketeers), non-commercial areas and non-saleable forest areas (river valleys, slopes, protected areas and riverbank buffers) and areas affected by forest fires. Parks, forest reserves and environmental reserves are also present in the FMA region, but are not included in the total number of hectares that can be harvested. Agreement: Tolko Industries Ltd./Norbord Inc./La Crete Sawmills Ltd. Space Boundary Forest Management Agreement for Forest Management Agreements and related forest management limits can be downloaded by AltaLIS as part of their Layer Base Geo Admin Features. Agreement: Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc. Forest Management Agreement – Informal Office Consolidation For more information on forest management planning For more information on forest management plans For more information on forest management agreements, visit Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

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